RSI Student Feature

The RSI Student Feature is a page devoted to celebrating our students and their achievements. Whether you are a first year Masters or forth year PhD, we want to tell your stories while also introducing our greater community (e.g. faculty, affiliate partners, prospective students, etc.) to the next generation of rehabilitation scientists (psst, that’s you guys!).

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and accomplishments on this page, we encourage you to complete this brief survey. If you have any further questions, please contact:

*according to The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

APRIL 2019


Kristina Kokorelias

Year & Program: 4th Year PhD
Supervisor(s): Jill Cameron

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MAY 2019


Erica Dove

Year & Program: 1st Year MSc
Supervisor(s): Arlene Astell

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JUNE 2019


Erin Miller

Year & Program: 2nd Year PhD
Supervisor(s): Dina Brooks and Brenda Mori

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JULY 2019


Patrick Jachyra

Year & Program: 4th Year PhD
Supervisor(s): Barbara Gibson

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SEPTEMBER 2019 *Double Feature*


Kyla Alsbury

Year & Program: 2nd Year PhD
Supervisor(s): Nancy Salbach

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Danielle DuPlessis

Year & Program: 1st Year PhD
Supervisor(s): Shannon Scratch & Elaine Biddiss

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