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Rehabilitation Sciences Institute

Looking to transform lives and shape the future of healthcare?

Make it a career by studying at the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI) at the University of Toronto.

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Why rehabilitation sciences?

Like us, you are passionate about researching ways to improve health and function in everyday life.

Our goal is to prepare you to be leaders in promoting health and well-being. Not only through research innovationknowledge translation, and practice excellence, but by providing a graduate school experience that includes:

  • a curriculum focused on research versus course load
  • aids in career and personal development
  • a vibrant student community with extra-curricular and volunteer opportunities
  • mentorship from leaders and innovators within the field
  • guaranteed minimum funding* package for full-time students
    *not including work hours (e.g. RA & TA roles)

We are committed to supporting your research journey and helping you succeed in your career, every step of the way.

To get you started, here are some helpful links to simplify the application process to our programs and help you determine if RSI is right for you!

Fuel the Future of Rehab

There is an urgent need to improve science, capacity and scale up rehabilitation services and it starts with YOU! By donating to RSI, your support goes into providing quality education and fostering innovative research as we develop the next generation of rehabilitation educators, researchers, scientists and leaders.