How to Apply

We are happy you are planning to continue your education at the RSI. Before you begin your application process we hope you considered:

  • Checking that you qualify to become a graduate student at UofT based on your grades, previous experiences, and additional scores (e.g., English proficiency score)
  • Identifying a potential supervisor in the area of your research interest
  • Meeting the potential supervisor to discuss a topic or topics of research and availability of funding
  • Asking the potential supervisor about their previous experiences in supervision, the number of students they supervised, an average time to program completion for the students in the past, and their supervisory philosophy
  • Asking to meet other students mentored by the same supervisor and discussing their experiences
  • Discussing and deciding if an MSc or PhD is your program of choice, and if there is a collaborative program that you would be interested in joining
  • Reading Admissions FAQ page

If all or most of your responses above are “YES”, you are ready to collect documents for your application. To ensure you have all the proper documention, please review our APPLICATION CHECKLIST.

If all the above is in order, please submit your application at:

IMPORTANT: You will need to register in the system and pay fees. Your application will not be reviewed until the application is completed and fees are paid.