Program Objectives

RSI aims to prepare its graduates for tomorrow’s careers in scientific research and leadership in academia, clinical science, education, industry and government/administration by achieving the following eight program objectives:

Developing broad knowledge of rehabilitation research and in-depth knowledge pertaining to their field of study;
Developing critical thinking skills and ability to critically evaluate scientific literature;
Establishing a solid foundation of principles, scientific inquiry & research methodologies broadly & in the context of the chosen field:
including formulation of research questions, study design, data collection, analysis, data visualization/interpretation and knowledge translation;
Enhancing the abilities to effectively communicate scientific knowledge orally and in writing to various knowledge users, consumer groups, stakeholders and funders;
Providing in-depth knowledge of ethical and responsible conduct of research;
Adhering to values of interdisciplinarity;
Including equity, diversity, and inclusion across all educational/ research opportunities;
Fostering the commitment to life-long learning and continuing self-education