Degree & Course Requirements



Please refer to MSc Degree Requirements for full details. The time limit for the full-time MSc program is 3 years but the typical duration for most students is 18 to 24 months. This includes time for thesis preparation and defense. For parttime students, the time limit is 6 years, with most students completing the program within 5 years.

Engagement in research should be initiated as soon as possible and well underway within six months of enrollment. Students who start enrolment in September 2023 are required to take a minimum of 2.0 credits. Students enrolled prior to September 2023 normally are required to complete 2.5 credits. Students in a collaborative program may have additional course requirements. Courses outside the department need an Add/Drop Form.


REH 1100H | Introduction to Rehabilitation Research
REH 2001H | RSI MSc Seminar – Foundations of Professional Development; Students are expected to attend one year of MSc
one half course, at the graduate level, in Research Methodology and/or Statistics (This course can be taken outside of the department)
one additional half-course in area of research
a thesis successfully defended before the Thesis Examination Committee
attend and present at RSI Research Day (in Year 1 & Year 2)
submission of Annual Report

As a general policy, RSI encourages students to spend the maximum time devoted to their research. Courses, however, can be invaluable in helping the student acquire the content, knowledge, and expertise for their chosen research area. It is expected that students will acquire a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Such a foundation is an absolute prerequisite for later success as an independent researcher. Therefore, in selecting suitable courses, the supervisor and student should be guided not only by what is the expected standard, but also by opportunities to fill in gaps of knowledge.

At the end of their program, each student must:

  1. Submit a thesis on her/his research
  2. Pass an oral thesis examination


A Master’s thesis is generally considered to be the equivalent of one full peer reviewed research paper, with a thorough, integrated literature review and a full description of methods, which may need to be more detailed than what is typically included in some published papers.

All students are also required to attend the RSI Research Day. The goal of this research showcase is to highlight the work and diversity of our students’ research to peers and faculty, as well as the university and clinical communities. This has traditionally been a student-led event which provides opportunities to develop leadership and other graduate professional skills. All students MUST ATTEND annually unless an exemption is requested and approved.

MSc students must present in Year 1 & Year 2 of the program

If for any reason a student cannot attend or present, they should notify the Associate Director. Normally, students who are exempted from attending research day in a given year are still required to submit a poster to the event.

Attendance and participation at Research Day are taken into consideration in order to remain in good standing in your program.

Degree Completion for Full-time Students

Full-time Students (Supervisory Committee meetings take place every 6 months)

YEAR 1 Course Work to be completed by the end of Year 1 Research Proposal should be started within 6 months
18 MONTHS Research to be completed in 18 months
YEAR 2 Writing of Thesis and first authored scientific paper (after Year 1) Masters Research Thesis Defense