Associate Professor

Stella Ng

Speech-Language Pathology

MSc, PhD

Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education (CACHE)
399 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 2S8
Research Interests
Rehabilitation Health Services Studies, Practice Science, Health Professions Education, Reflective Practice, Critical Reflection, Critical Pedagogy, Epistemologies of Practice, Knowledge Mobilization
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Inspired by a desire to shape healthcare into a more collaborative, compassionate and ethical space, Dr. Ng has explicated what health workers do in value-conflicted, uncertain, and unstable zones of practice. Informed by this research, Stella also applies and studies transformative education approaches to support health professionals in being critically reflective practitioners. She became a registered audiologist in 2006. While practicing as a pediatric school-based audiologist, she earned her PhD in Health Professional Education. While working as a clinical audiologist, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in medical education and healthcare, technology, and place.

Since 2013 Stella has served in a number of health professions education and research leadership roles in Toronto, including Director of Research, Centre for Faculty Development and the Arrell Family Chair in Health Professions Teaching at University of Toronto and St Michael’s Hospital. She is currently the Director of the Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education and co-leads and She is also a scientist at the Wilson Centre.

Recent Publications

  1. Ng, S. L., Crukley, J., Brydges, R., Boyd, V., Gavarkovs, A., Kangasjarvi, E., ... & Woods, N. N. (2022). Toward ‘seeing’critically: a Bayesian analysis of the impacts of a critical pedagogy. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 27(2), 323-354.
  2. Baker, LR, Martimianakis, MAT, Nasirzadeh, Y, Northup, E, Gold, K, Friesen, F et al.. Compassionate Care in the Age of Evidence-Based Practice: A Critical Discourse Analysis in the Context of Chronic Pain Care. Acad Med. 2018;93 (12):1841-1849. doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000002373. PubMed PMID:30045049 .
  3. Cheng, A, LaDonna, K, Cristancho, S, Ng, S. Navigating difficult conversations: the role of self-monitoring and reflection-in-action. Med Educ. 2017;51 (12):1220-1231. doi: 10.1111/medu.13448. PubMed PMID:28984007 .
  4. Ng, SL, Phelan, S, Leonard, M, Galster, J. A Qualitative Case Study of Smartphone-Connected Hearing Aids: Influences on Patients, Clinicians, and Patient-Clinician Interactions. J Am Acad Audiol. 2017;28 (6):506-521. doi: 10.3766/jaaa.15153. PubMed PMID:28590895 .
  5. Ng, S. L., Kinsella, E. A., Friesen, F., & Hodges, B. (2015). Reclaiming a theoretical orientation to reflection in medical education research: a critical narrative review. Medical education, 49(5), 461-475.

Honours and Awards

  • AMS Healthcare Fellow in Compassion and Digital Technology/AI
  • Meridith Marks New Educator Award, Canadian Association of Medical Educators
  • Wilson Centre Mentor Award
  • Early Career Medical Educators Champion Award
  • American Academy of Audiology New Investigator Research Award