Nov 4, 2019

The ABI Research Lab Work to Improve Awareness about Brain Injury and Intimate Partner Violence with Online Toolkit


Jessica Boafo

An online toolkit developed by the ABI Research Lab led by Dr. Angela Colantonio in collaboration with stakeholders, has recently been featured in a CBC article discussing the threat of intimate partner violence (IPV) and the need for more knowledge on this significant social issue.

Despite a growing public awareness around sport-related brain injuries and concussions, advocates say domestic violence also carries a significant risk of brain injury, yet receives far less attention.

Research suggests that between 19 and 75 per cent per cent of domestic violence survivors suffer a brain injury at the hands of a partner. Even those who work directly with survivors may be unaware of the signs of traumatic brain injury, according to a recent survey conducted by the lab.

The ABI Research Lab is hoping to change all that through an online toolkit with information on what brain injuries look like and how common they are.

Abused & Brain Injured was created to draw attention to the widely unrecognized intersection of intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury. In order to improve the lives of survivors as well as the working environment for front-line workers, this toolkit serves to provide information, resources, research and practice recommendations for providing trauma-informed service delivery.

"There is a huge amount of education and knowledge that needs to be done." 

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