Registration Status

You are considered registered as soon as you have paid tuition and incidental fees or have requested to register without payment (i.e., fee deferral). For information on registering without payment (i.e. fee deferral), visit the Graduate Fees section of the SGS website.


PhD students are required to register annually on a full-time basis until all degree requirements have been completed. MSc students can register as full-time or part-time students but switching from full-time to part-time status is not allowed once the minimum period of registration has been completed (12 months). Students must switch by May of their first year. If you are considering switching to part-time status, you should discuss this with your supervisor and the RSI Associate Director. Visit the SGS website for more information on Registration and Enrolment.

Registration Deadlines

The deadlines to register for each session in the 2023-2024 Academic Year are:

Fall Session: September 15, 2023

Winter Session: January 12, 2024

Summer Session: May 3, 2024

Register by the registration deadline so that you do not lose credit for full-time attendance for income-tax purposes by Revenue Canada (T2202A).

After the final date for registration, enrolment in and access to courses through ACORN will be cancelled for students who are not registered.

Late Registration

If you register after the final date, you are required to pay a late registration fee of $44.00 to avoid financial penalty. Please complete the online Late Registration Form and Online Payment. Once completed, send proof of payment to the RSI office at SGS will then change your ACORN status to “INVITED” which will allow you to register.


Failure to register as required will cause a student’s registration for the degree to lapse. Registration may be re-established if an application for reinstatement is approved by the department and SGS, and any required fees are paid.

Reinstatement PRIOR to degree time limit:

  • Students are responsible for session fees in which they have not registered but were required to do so. Contact SGS to determine if you must pay fees for the time you were lapsed.

Reinstatement AFTER to degree time limit:

  • Reinstatement is for a maximum of 12 months only. The reinstatement fee is equal to the one session full-time domestic fee.

Registration vs Enrolment

What is the difference between enrolment and registration? To enroll, you add courses. To register, you pay your tuition and incidental fees, or register without payment (defer fees). Students are fully responsible for paying their fees.

Please see SGS Sessional Dates and Graduate Fees for full details about deadlines to enroll in graduate-level courses.

Simultaneous Registration

  • Simultaneous registration in two full-time programs is not permitted.
  • Simultaneous registration in one full-time and one part-time program or two part-time programs may be permitted. Please contact the departments concerned for more information.
  • Students are responsible for the fees charged for both programs.

Request to Register Without Payment (Deferrals of Fee Payment)

Graduate students in the funded cohort receive funding packages that are part of the graduate unit’s funding commitment. The funded cohort is defined as years 1 and 2 of the MSc program and years 1 through 4 (or years 1 through 5 for transfer and direct entry students) of the PhD program. Students in the funded cohort are able to make a request to register without payment for the Fall and Winter session on the Student Web Services (SWS).

Students no longer in the funded cohort but who are receiving funding outside of the funding commitment must make their request with RSI using the Request Form found on the SGS website by the deadline to request to register without payment. 

For OSAP, CSL and US Student Loan Recipients

Students who have received notification of an award through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for their U of T program may make their fees arrangements through the SWS up to the registration deadline instead of having to appear at in person at SGS, if the amount of the loan covers the minimum payment and no outstanding fees owing.

The online arrangements may also be available for recipients of Canada Student Loans (CSL) and some US government loans. Please see the Office of Student Accounts website for details.

Obligations of a Registered Student

Please visit the Student Web Services website for further details on your obligations as a registered student.