The Role of the Graduate Student


A supervisor must be selected prior to enrolling in the program. The details of the supervisor’s responsibilities at the University of Toronto are outlined under Graduate Supervision: Guidelines for Students, Faculty, and Administration. Although the supervisor provides guidance, it is expected that the student will engage in an adult, self directed, learning process. The application for awards, planning and preparing for graduate Supervisory Committee meetings, writing abstracts and manuscripts as first author is all the responsibility of the student. 

The following summarizes the roles of the Graduate Student:

  1. Know how and where to access graduate unit and university policies and regulations
  2. Be pro-active
  3. Keep your supervisor informed of emerging issues or upcoming events that may affect your academic progress
  4. Be sure to have regular meetings with your Supervisory Committee (RSI requires at least a meeting every 6 months)
  5. Prepare a realistic timeline for your program, review and adjust when needed
  6. Seek conflict resolution as early as possible
  7. Participate cooperatively and responsibly in the supervisory relationship
  8. Understand that graduate supervision is a shared responsibility