RSI Administration

The offices of the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute is located on the first floor in Rooms 161, 163 and 164.



Rehabilitation Sciences Institute
University of Toronto
160-500 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7
Tel:         (416) 946-8582
Fax:        (416) 946-8762

Executive Team


The RSI Director reports to the Dean of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). The Director oversees all academic and administrative parts of the graduate program in RSI, including students and faculty. To reach the Director’s Office, please email:

Angela Colantonio | Rm 164 | (416) 978-1098 |

Associate Director

The RSI Associate Director reports to the RSI Director. The Associate Director supports the RSI Director and oversees matters related to the RSI curriculum and supporting student academic progress.

Luc De Nil | Rm TBA | (416) 978-1789 or (416) 700-3451 |

Graduate Coordinators

The RSI Graduate Coordinators oversee the graduate program activities for all students in the Department. Accordingly, Graduate Coordinators sit on the relevant committees of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies. Duties of the Graduate Coordinators include student admission, student awards, organizing student information, orientation sessions, workshops, and supporting overall student wellness.

Alison Novak | Rm TBA | (416) 597-3422 Ext. 7713 |

Sarah Munce | Rm TBA | (416) 597-3422 Ext. 5313 |

Business Officer

The Business Officer is responsible for the human resources and finances of the RSI. The Business Officer also coordinates the budgets for the department and does the annual forecasting. In addition to hiring/supervising staff and processing salary payments, the Business Officer is also the contact for all student funding.

Diane Wiltshire | Rm 163 | 416-978-0300 |

Graduate Administrator

The Graduate Administrator handles all matters related to graduate students including registration, courses, leave of absence, awards preparation, room booking requests, etc. The Graduate Administrator also assists student progress through the program and day-to-day running of the RSI.

Loida Ares | Rm 161 | 416-946-8582 |

Communications & Recruitment Coordinator

The Communications & Recruitment Coordinator supports all RSI communications including the RSI website and social media platforms. The Communications & Recruitment Coordinator is also responsible for attending recruitment fairs, the production of marketing/promotional materials and reports as well as the coordination of departmental events.

Jessica Boafo | Rm 161 | 416-978-5049 |

The Executive Team is Here to Assist You if You Have a Question or Concern:

As a graduate student, several resources are available at RSI and at the University to help you with any questions that arise during your studies.

Students are encouraged to address their questions or concerns first with their supervisor, supervisory committee, or instructor, but students can also contact a member of the Executive Team for support. Questions related to program requirements, registration, fees and related issues are normally best directed to the Office of the Graduate Administrator. If you are unsure about how to deal with an issue and would like advice on what options or resources are available to you, you can also contact one of the Graduate Coordinators or the Associate Director.

Rehabilitation Sciences Sector Staff


Responsibilities: general enquiries, external room bookings, lost and found, parking, building issues, fob access issues, etc.

Shari Jackson | Rm 160 | 416-946-8554 |

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Chair & Rehab Sector Chairs

Responsibilities: status-only appointments

Annmarie Riley | Rm 162 | 416-978-4648 |

Manager of IT Services

Responsibilities: IT and AV support

Rob Page | Rm 809 | 416-978-7345 |