Welcome from the Director & Associate Director


– Drs. Angela Colantonio & Luc De Nil

Welcome to the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI)! You have joined our team of dedicated, award-winning faculty and graduate students on a journey of scientific discovery, in-depth learning, and continuous innovation relevant to rehabilitation research. 

Within the School of Graduate Studies (SGS), RSI is the primary program for graduate education related to a highly diverse field of Rehabilitation, which encompasses Physical and Occupational Sciences and Therapy, Speech, Language and Swallowing Sciences and Therapy, Cognitive Sciences and Rehabilitation Engineering. As future leaders in the field, you are at the start of your professional path, acquiring knowledge and skills and building a network of future collaborators across various disciplines, which will make you a unique and highly sought-after professional. We are committed to providing you with an outstanding educational experience at the University of Toronto and RSI and are excited about your future.