Transfer Exam


MSc to PhD Transfer Examination Committee MSc to PhD Transfer Examination Committee

MSc students in good standing who intend to continue into the PhD program may consider reclassifying to the PhD program without completing the MSc. The student should discuss with the research supervisor and the members of the supervisory committee their intention to take the reclassification examination. If the supervisor and the members of the Supervisory Committee support the student, the supervisor should discuss the intention to reclassify with the Associate Director.

Subsequently, the supervisor submits a formal letter to the Associate Director noting the graduate student's academic record, progress made to date, the reasons for requesting a reclassification, supervisor funding commitment and the proposed membership of the candidate's Supervisory Committee for the PhD program. Following approval of the request by the Associate Director, the student’s existing MSc Supervisory Committee with an external member (i.e., external to the committee but internal to the University) will act as the Transfer Examination Committee.

For more info, please download and review the full Transfer Examination Policy found under the Student Forms section of the website.

MSc students who wish to enter the PhD program without first completing their MSc degree must:

  • Reclassify and complete transfer exam within 18 months of enrollment in the MSc
  • Have a minimum of a B+ average in all required MSc courses (which must be completed prior to reclassification)
  • Have the written support of the thesis supervisor and Supervisory Committee
  • Have financial support from their supervisor and or external funding
  • Complete research proposal as described and successfully complete a Transfer exam

MSc students who have successfully completed the reclassification examination into the PhD program may qualify for reclassification of their academic credits earned during the MSc program toward the required course work for the PhD program.

Reclassification from the MSc to PhD program will be effective at the next registration date, after the successful completion of the reclassification, set by the School of Graduate Studies (i.e., September, January, or May).